skillshare advent calendar

would anyone else be this mad?
this crazy to make 31 courses in december?
advent is supposed to be 25 right? whoops?
looks like i've gone in hard!

i've done the work, i've made the images, i've created the courses and i'm slow releasing each new course everyday in december. this was quite the challenge, not only to maintain putting out a new course every day in november but to get ahead and make them for december as well, this meant that i'm still making them in early december as i write this. i'm hoping i can get ahead so i can sit back and enjoy christmas. this was a LOT of work, lots of research, lots of time sitting in front of the monitor, editing, recording, back and forth and i did it all. all of it, graphics, text, editing, recording.

i did it for a number of reasons, the first was that last year i worked christmas eve and christmas day putting out a video on youtube every hour. i had no family christmas to go too, i was alone and i was just getting through christmas the best way i could. take my mind off it if you will. this year, after working as a teacher on skillshare and surviving from some of the income i decided to do something in the hope that i'd get a nice payout in january when normally life is very hard for a remote freelancer like me.

i've spent the last six months of 2016 trying to work completely from the web, almost country-agnostic.

we live in an every changing, resources hungry world with work, technology, climate and other areas of life rapidly changing. i made a change that i no longer could spend my time working for someone else. i wanted to work on what made me get out of bed every morning. sharing the knowledge that i have learned over the years to me feels like giving back.

it gives me a kick when people take the courses, it makes me feel that i'm getting somewhere and the active residual income that comes in each month from just skillshare alone (i have a few avenues in the mix) makes me feel like i'm moving forward on this lifestyle i'm looking for. i hope you enjoy the efforts of my daily work ethic.

i hope you will consider pitching in to get access for all of my courses (so you can get access to the premium ones after the coupons run out) for the 99 cents. you get three months access to the platform and access to thousands of other teachers courses as well.

but most of all even if you do not take a premium account to support me and other teachers i hope that my courses inspire you to take control of your daily digital life. i want you to be protected, informed and can make educated decisions on the internet around you. we are heading into uncharted digital waters when it comes to the internet so please absorb as much of this information as you can. i hope it helps you succeed.


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