making courses on skillshare v2

after making forty or so courses on skill share i’ve gotten into what you might call ‘a bit of a flow’ with the whole researching, making and production side of putting out courses. i’ve been doing some fine tuning along the way and it’s not been plain sailing but i’ve picked a niche and i’m sticking to it.

  • i talk about things i know, research more if shaky
  • my courses are around twenty minutes (so not dragging)
  • i try to remove all the umms and blah out of them
  • i aim to respect your viewing time
  • i give away twenty-five free vouchers for the early signup people
  • i keep to a tried and tested output system (upgrade when funds allow)

i made this course for one thing and one thing only. skillshare are willing to pay me fifty bucks if i can get you, new course instructor on the platform before the 1st of december. how awesome would that be?

not only would you get started as a course maker on the platform but you get access to me to help you and I’m even willing to help prepare some of the elements of your course and split that fifty down the middle with you if we can get your course up before the 1st of december. are you down?

you can also purchase this course (outright, you download the video file to watch on your home computer in your leisure) from gumroad below for just $3 – i promise you’ll be a poweruser making courses on skillshare after this!

Download the Course from Gumroad for $3

i want to get you started making today, you can watch the whole of the course here without even signing up on skillshare if you prefer, just drop in your email and i’ll be in touch about making a course together and start the ball rolling in getting the skillshare side sorted for you. grab your favorite hot beverage and let’s go!



Get premium access to the course for just $0.99 AND three months access to 5000 more tutors and premium content by using my link –


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