how to boss mode on upwork

fed up with your current job?
want to go freelancing but not sure where to start?
have lots of questions about money, contracts, remote working?

yeah, i was the same at the start of the year but i’ve learned so much about working remotely and the things that clients are going to need, this course is an overview course to get you fired up to take another look at working from the web.

upwork (previously odesk i think?) is great. i’ve worked with some neat clients and the whole setup is professional and clearly laid out. they have quite a bit of work on it to if you know what to look for and a regular large paying audience of potential customers.


starting with this course and future courses i’m also going to be releasing the course as a wistia embed video with chapters (more work for me!) and then retroactively i’ll be going back and doing some of the others when i have free time (that’s looking like feb 2017 right now!) – all you have to do is drop in your email to get access to the course right here. sweet huh?


you can also purchase and download this course for only $2 (why only $2, well chances are you need to bring in extra money right so why would i charge you more to get started, chances are you’ll come back and spend more with me if i get you up and running!)

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i’ve been doing work on upwork properly for about three months now, i’ve only had a few clients but they have been regular and i’ve got used to the way the platform works and how you can get the best out of it.

i feel like i’ve found my feet with it and i can share with you today some of the tried and tested ways i’ve used the platform. these tips are also useful for anything that has a profile page where you can really scream from the rooftops about your work!


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