creating your own theme for gameshow

it hit me.

why do you have to just stream gaming with gameshow? you have the ability to output to youtube so why not use the extra ‘gamer’ features for other niches, would that be possible, what could we build and who could use it?

gameshow only costs around £26 (uk) making it a seriously awesome piece of video streaming software for the price. what if then you could use this to say promote your small business, making some live video streams while at the same time advertising your latest works, doing live streams from weddings with photos from the day for people that could not attend?

this course is meant to inspire you and show you how easy it can be if you spend a few hours playing around with gameshow to get a theme custom designed (unique) for your business, you too can keep up with the live streaming online race and take part in a market place you have never been before.


you can purchase the course for download over on gumroad for £3 – i get roughly 1.3 dollars per premium signup on skillshare but that really needs you be a member of that service and maybe you don’t want to do that. no problem, download the complete tutorial here and keep it on your own harddrive!

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