while the world consumes

while the world consumes

while the world consumes (myself included, I just made eggy bread!) the first few weeks of January are like moments suspended in animation. that transition between the build-up, the event and then the insane amount of gorging on all this material after.

the thing is tho, I just want to get started. get into everything at a stupid pace, get into working, I love to work, it gives me purpose and direction. it feels like a life well spent when you’re working towards something of a future ideal or vision.

having just finished the thirty-one days of advent I realised that I needed to take some time out to reflect, maybe a week or something, really reflect on the stats and what went right and what areas I need to work on, where I can improve. I’m raring to go!

for me at least working on something for a month straight starts to activate mental muscle memory for me, so much i cannot stop. improving the figures, tweaking, making, inching forward. but I realised this morning that although I did make a mini course yesterday about mindfulness it was really a self-hack to try and compact my reflection time into a focused block of time.

you can’t do that. you have to allow the rest of your body and mind catch up, at least I do. it’s easy to push harder to make something happen but if you do not value the experience then it’s just another thing. you’re just going through the motions of the thing.

I’m stoked I got the first mindfulness course out and I’ll be doing them throughout the month for sure, my camera is restricting me a little but I’ll work around that best I can for the recordings, I should be able to fix that around the middle of the month anyway.

I actually think the gouging that goes on between Christmas and new year and straight after is because people don’t know what to do with themselves, they have no blueprint of what else they should be doing. I feel this is where the direction of your year is defined.

sure, it’s just another day in another year on another calendar but it’s the start of a fresh moment of a year in your life. a year where your body gets a little bit older and often performs a little bit slower than it did before. it’s the perfect time to get some level of control back – between the pauses if all we do is consume and gorge instead of reflecting and empower we can always expect that to be our head state in the way we interact with life and people around us.

maybe it is star sign energy but January for me is so full of promise. it’s birthday time, defining that rolling over body clock is the biggest threat to everything I do, it’s a harsh reminder that I’ve don’t that thing yet and that I should be grabbing every hour of every day to turn up and be present.

that’s the best present we can have, to be present.