mashing up your digital legacy

just recently vine died. well it did not died, it was let’s say killed off.

it was never going to make twitter any money it was just something cool that had this neat feature where you recorded a video by holding your finger to the screen, it was a new way to make videos and started a craze of looping madness and a community of global vines. three years later, it’s dead. twitter are pulling the plug.

in terms of digital legacy three years is small considering that youtube has been around for eleven years at this point and other platforms that started off back then are still with us today. main point is, they found a way to make money, sell pro accounts, keep the lights on. vine, was just a nightclub punting cheap ass drinks to unsuspecting students and whoops it run out of alcohol

on the back of this event however i found myself urgently download all my vines. instead of waiting for the ‘official’ downloader i just decided to grab them and get that job out of the way before the mass exodus and downloading began, i just wanted to have my content. three years worth, a few thousand six seconds at a time. turned out to be about three hours of my life.


did you know that from a few courses back i started making wistia video hosted chaptered versions of my courses. that’s right, you can watch straight through and jump chapters, you don’t have to signup on skillshare and you can watch it right here for the price of an email address. that’s pretty rad right?


if you prefer to download a copy of the course and avoid wistia and skillshare altogether then we can do that too! 🙂

you can purchase the course for $3 from the gumroad link before. you’ll get the complete mp4 with no gaps, straight through, no fluff just the information you need today!

download my course from gumroad for $3

fired me up to think about digital media, what happens after we are gone, where it lives, does it die and vanish, how we can save it, share it, be sure we have it for future generations and some of the challenges digital media brings us to when we start talking about platforms and formats.

i’ll be doing a lot more on digital legacy and i have a few courses in the works about coming up with a plan for the storage of your content from the cloud on analog digital devices (i.e local devices) and general considerations about leaving that legacy to future generations. should you open it up, open source it, allow mashing up, have it as a resource for people to remix? — it’s an interesting dialog to be having in this digital hungry ondemand world.

anyway, enjoy the course! – your premium signup is like gold to me, i do hope you will take one, i get $10 and i will love you forever!


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